Enhancing Police Response to Sexual Violence – Province Funding Police Pilot Project in Peterborough Riding

Ontario is supporting people who have experienced sexual assault through a program that builds partnerships between community and justice partners, front-line victim service providers and police services across the province.
Fifteen two-year pilot projects have been selected that will provide a more compassionate, sensitive response when survivors of sexual violence come forward and report their experiences.
The projects will also enhance police investigative practices, with a goal of building stronger cases and improving justice outcomes.
In the Peterborough Riding the Peterborough Police Service will be receiving $106,850.00 to enhance the Collaborative Response to Sexual Assault and Harassment Training Project and $99,645.00 to enhance the Collaborative Response to Sexual Assault and Harassment Video Project
This initiative is part of It’s Never Okay, Ontario’s ground-breaking action plan to end sexual violence and harassment, and also supports Walking Together: Ontario’s Long-Term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women.
Building a safer, more inclusive and more equitable province is part of Ontario’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

“Our police are committed to thoroughly investigating sexual assault cases, removing barriers to reporting and supporting those who come forward. This program will not only help promote safety in our community – the results from the pilot project may also help inform police practices more broadly.”
— Jeff Leal, MPP

“The Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre is pleased to partner again with the Peterborough Police Service and other community stakeholders on these projects; both are designed to enhance our collective capacity to support individuals who find themselves navigating the justice and support system because they have experienced sexual violence and/or harassment. At the Centre, our work involves a trauma and violence informed approach to practice and we appreciate the confidence in our expertise afforded to us through this partnership with the Peterborough Police Service”
-Sonya Vellenga, Executive Director Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre

“It is so important that survivors receive the compassionate and appropriate response they deserve from professionals across all sectors. By encouraging police to try new practices and approaches, we will help make the legal system more responsive to survivors. This is a key part of It’s Never Okay, our plan to put an end sexual violence and harassment in Ontario.”
— Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister of Women’s Issues

“The Peterborough Police Service is very excited to move forward with our two grant projects in collaboration with the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and a number of other community stakeholders. We have had a long-standing partnership with the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and other community partners that preceded these grants.

Victims of sexual abuse and harassment deserve a victim-centred approach and the best possible response from those that they turn to for help. We are committed to working with other service providers, not only in partnership with these grants, but on an ongoing basis to ensure we are in fact providing the best possible response.”
– Chief Murray Rodd, Peterborough Police Service


Province Enhancing Police Response To Sexual Violence