Thursday April 13, 2017 – Search at Canada Post Office Depot Complete; nothing suspicious found

On Thursday April 13, 2017 the Peterborough Police Service attended the Canada Post Office Depot on Rye Street after receiving information regarding a suspicious package at the location.

The site was evacuated along with neighbouring businesses. Roads in the area were also closed.

As was previously reported, the search of the post office is complete and nothing suspicious was found. Streets and businesses in the area have been re-opened.

As a reminder to residents and local businesses, if you receive harassing, threatening, obscene phone calls or phone calls concerning in nature that you will report to police you can use Bell’s Call Trace feature.

After receiving the phone call, hang up the phone then dial *57. Wait for the recording to tell you whether the call was successfully traced then hang up.

Hitting *57 provides police with the best option to identify the caller.

According to Bell, this service should only be used in serious situations. The details of the trace will only be released to police as part of their investigation and you will not be advised of the caller’s number. Bell notes this service may not be available in certain areas.

Please note there is a charge from Bell for using this feature.
For more information on Call Trace please visit: