2017 Knights of Columbus Police Appreciation Award Recipients

During the 39th Annual Knights of Columbus Police Appreciation evening our service recognized 21 citizens for the outstanding assistance they have provided to us during the last year. We rely heavily on our relationship with the public and the communities we serve in the City of Peterborough, the Ward of Lakefield and the Township of Cavan Monaghan.

In 1829 Sir Robert Peel, founder of modern democratic policing, stated that “The police are the public and the public are the police.”

That quote still holds true more than 100 years later.

Thank-you to all of the following citizens for going above and beyond to ensure that our communities are safe.

Civilian Awards:

Stephen Gordon
Nominating Officer: PC Calvin Clarke

On the afternoon of September 10, 2016 a man entered an Armour Road convenience store and brandishing a knife and a can of pepper spray he demanded cash from an employee behind the counter.

Citizen Stephen Gordon entered the store during the robbery, which scared the knife and pepper spray wielding suspect away. Mr. Gordon was told by the store employee that she had just been robbed and he left the store to see which direction the suspect went.

With the information provided by Mr. Gordon, responding officers located a suspect a short distance from the scene. A 21-year-old man was arrested and charged.

The knife and pepper spray were recovered along with a quantity of cash.

Subsequently, the man was also charged with two counts of robbery in relation to the robberies of two convenience stores that took place earlier in September.

According to nominating officer PC Calvin Clarke, if it were not for the vital information provided by Mr. Gordon and his keen observation, including the suspect’s direction of travel, the apprehension of the suspect with all the stolen property in his possession would more than likely have eluded capture at that time.

On behalf of the Service we would like to thank Mr. Gordon for his willingness to involve himself in this incident and work with police to help solve this crime.

Your actions have contributed greatly to community safety.

Brian Smith
Dave Durand
Melanie Narduzzi
Spenser Crowe
Cullen Smith

Nominating Officer: PC Trevor Hickey

On August 5, 2016 citizen Brian Smith was driving east on Parkhill Road when he saw a lone male walking across the Jackson Park bridge.

Believing the man was going to harm himself Mr. Smith parked his vehicle and ran back towards the area. When he arrived the male was already at the point of self-harm.

Mr. Smith, assisted by a second passerby David Durand, and two youths, Cullen Smith and Spenser Crowe, pulled the unconscious male from his position.

Citizen Melanie Narduzzi performed CPR on the man until he regained consciousness. Police and EMS were called and the man was taken to a local hospital where he fortunately survived the incident.

According to nominating officer PC Trevor Hickey, it is without a doubt that this man’s life was saved as a result of your combined intervention and actions.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Mr. Smith, Mr. Durand, Ms Narduzzi and both Mr. Cullen Smith and Mr. Crowe for their care and concern for this individual, a complete stranger, during a time of crisis.
Patrick Smith
Nominating Officer: PC Wayne Adam

On September 25, 2016 citizen Patrick Smith was golfing at Baxter Creek in the Township of Cavan Monaghan when he saw a pick-up truck driven by a woman leave County Road 28 and enter the ditch then continue into a pond on the golf course where it began to sink.

The injured driver was unable to free herself and had suffered a back injury.

Mr. Smith dove into the pond and saved the woman who was drowning. He remained in the frigid water supporting the victim’s head for more than 20 minutes until she was treated by paramedics and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Nominating officer PC Wayne Adam says if it were not for Mr. Smith’s quick actions and selfless intervention the woman would have lost her life as the truck was completely submerged within more than eight feet of water.

Mr. Smith left that scene suffering from mild hypothermia. He put himself at risk to save the woman’s life and humbly left the scene without interacting with police.

Nominating officer PC Adam says Mr. Smith’s heroic and selfless act should be recognized by our community as he exemplifies the altruism we can only hope for from citizens of our community.

On behalf of our Service it is our pleasure to recognize Mr. Smith at tonight’s ceremony for his compassion and intervention.

Shea Laing:
Nominating Officer: DC Karen O’Brien

In July of 2016 citizen Shea Laing helped disrupt and intervene in a sexual assault that was occurring at a Peterborough address.

Through Ms. Laing’s intervention and actions the offender stopped and left the premises. The investigation is ongoing and a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the male suspect.

In order to protect the identity of the victim involved we cannot provide further details.

According to nominating officer Detective Constable Karen O’Brien, many people in a similar situation would likely have chosen to ignore this situation and not intervene.

DC O’Brien says that Ms Laing’s actions undoubtedly stopped the assault from continuing and potentially saved the life of the female victim.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service, we would like to thank-you for your concern and intervention that day.

Mandy Nadeau
Adrian Kingsbury
Nominating Officer: PC Stacey Cowie

Shortly after midnight on February 2, 2017 the Peterborough Police Service received a 9-1-1 call regarding several glass breaks at a George Street North convenience store.

Two civilians who live above the store, Mandy Nadeau and Adrian Kingsbury, heard the glass break and rushed to see what was happening.

Ms. Nadeau arrived out front first and saw a man using a hammer to smash out the glass entry door to the convenience store. She had a large Mag Light in her hand and immediately grabbed the man demanding he stop what he was doing. The man dropped the hammer and complied with her demands.

While Ms. Nadeau was with the male suspect her boyfriend Adrian Kingsbury was on the phone speaking with 9-1-1 communicators. Ms. Nadeau was able to instruct the man to sit on the step until police arrived a short time later.

When police arrived on scene both Ms. Nadeau and Mr. Kingsbury were outside with the male suspect who was subsequently arrested and charged.

According to nominating officer PC Stacey Cowie, Ms. Nadeau should be recognized for her selfless actions in helping stop the crime and effectively detaining a male suspect until police arrival.

PC Cowie states that often in today’s society people are reluctant to get involved in situations, but both Ms. Nadeau and Mr. Kingsbury feel that the store owner, who is also their landlord, did not deserve this to happening to his business and wanted to help him. After the incident Ms. Nadeau realized the danger she had put herself in however she was happy to have helped.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Ms. Nadeau and Mr. Kingsbury for their concern and intervention that night which helped our Service make an arrest, solve the crime and prevent this individual from victimizing another local business.

Daryl Graziano
Darren Mullin
Nominating Officer: Sgt. Scott Rogers

On August 14, 2016 the Peterborough Police Service received a 9-1-1 call regarding a woman in distress in the Otonabee River near the Lock 19 Bridge on Lansdowne Street East. Several police units responded to the call, including Sergeant Scott Rogers.

When Sgt. Rogers arrived he saw the woman floating south towards the dam. He called to the closest boat to come and help take him out to the female. The gentlemen in the boat were citizens Daryl Graziano and his friend Darren Mullin.

Mr. Graziano maneuvered his 21 foot cruiser towards Sgt. Rogers and he jumped on, with Mr. Mullins helping to maneuver the boat and also helping him onboard.

The group started out towards the female but noticed that she was on the other side of the guard wires. Sgt. Rogers told Mr. Graziano to take him back to the locks so he could get out and into the water.

Mr. Graziano provided Sgt. Rogers with two life jackets, one of which he put on and the other was for the female in the water.

Mr. Graziano kept Sgt. Roger’s gear safe until the incident was over and it was turned back over to police in good condition.

Sgt. Rogers entered the water and started to make his way across the river over the rocks and through the current. Staff at the locks then threw him a life ring and rope to take with him.

Sgt. Rogers saw the female tumble through the dam into the white water and he started to swimming against the current towards the middle of the river to intercept her.
Fireman Josh Marshall from Peterborough Fire Services had also entered the water. They both made it to the middle of the river in the heavy current and intercepted the female who was distraught and cold.

PFD Marshall held the female while Sgt. Rogers put the life vest on the woman. They then put the life ring on the girl and swam her back to the locks where she was transported to a local hospital by the waiting ambulance.

Sgt. Rogers says had Mr. Graziano and Mr. Mullin not acted quickly, providing emergency services with access to the boat, life jackets and looking after his duty gear this incident may not have ended successfully.

On behalf of our Service we would like to thank Mr. Graziano and Mr. Mullin for their selfless actions and intervention that day in helping to save the life of this young woman.

Dorian Stillwell
Nominating Officer: PC Steven Dyer

On December 13, 2016 Dorian Stillwell was working at a local shelter. Ms. Stillwell went to check on the wellbeing of an individual who was in an elevated state of crisis and located the person trying to commit self-harm.

The individual was unconscious at the time and unresponsive.

Ms. Stillwell took immediate action and provided assistance to the individual. By the time police and other emergency services arrived the individual was conscious and aware.

According to nominating officer PC Steven Dyer, without Ms. Stillwell’s quick actions this incident could have had a tragic ending.

It is our pleasure to recognize Dorian Stillwell for her brave and quick actions that day in saving the life of this person.

On behalf of our Service, we sincerely thank-you.

Frank Kylie
Nominating Officer: PC Mark Jilesen

On October 2, 2016 Peterborough Police received a call regarding an unresponsive man slumped over in his truck on Sherbrooke Street.

The truck had stopped on the curb but was still in drive. A passerby, citizen Frank Kylie, stopped and attended the truck to check on the man.

When he could see that the man was not responsive he took a screw driver and broke out the back passenger side window.

Mr. Kylie got the truck into park and began helping the man. EMS arrived and were able to quickly get the male out of the truck and transport him to a local hospital where his medical issues were addressed.

PC Mark Jilisen nominated Mr. Kylie for his quick actions that prevented the vehicle from continuing on the road and possibly causing damage or injuries to other motorists or pedestrians.

On behalf of our Service we would like to recognize and thank Mr. Kylie for his concern and intervention in the life of a complete stranger that day.

Many other people would not have noticed or would have chosen to ignore the parked truck.

Your actions may have saved that man’s life that day and helped prevent a potentially tragic outcome.

It is our pleasure in recognizing you for your selfless actions.

Warren Brierley
Nominating Officer: Sgt. Scott Rogers and PC Ryan Ready

On August 10, 2016 the Peterborough Police Service received a call from citizen Warren Brierley regarding a young child whom he had located at the intersection of George Street and Parkhill Road in the City of Peterborough.

At the time of the call, Sergeant Scott Rogers and PC Ryan Ready were in the area and responded within seconds.

Mr. Brierley delivers newspapers throughout the city in the early morning hours. While he was making a delivery to a convenience store he noticed a small child running east down Parkhill Road on the sidewalk. The child, who was alone, ran straight across Parkhill Road and into the lot where Mr. Brierley was sitting in his vehicle.

Mr. Brierley did not want to scare the child and therefore remained in his vehicle and talked to her. The child sat down on a Coke crate and would only tell him that she was four years old.

Upon arrival, officers saw the complainant in his van and a small female child sitting on the crate. Officers got out of their cruiser and were able to speak to Mr. Brierley and the child.

The young girl was only wearing long john style pajama bottoms. Her feet were very dirty and she appeared very tired. There were no overt signs of injury on first contact.

Sgt. Rogers and PC Ready nominated Mr. Brierley for this award due to his keen observation and willingness to involve himself in this situation.
Without Mr. Brierley’s intervention this incident could have quickly turned into a tragedy.

On behalf of the Service we would like to thank-you Mr. Brierley for his intervention, compassion and concern that evening.

Lauren Ray
Brandon Ray
Nominating Officer: DC Lara Perks

On February 4, 2017 a woman in her early 30’s fell and hit her head while at a parent and tot gymnastics class in Peterborough. When police were called to attend the woman was vital signs absent and she not breathing.

Another mother, citizen Lauren Ray, and her husband Brandon Ray were also at the class that day. Without hesitation Ms. Ray, who is a local nurse, began CPR on the woman with the help of Mr. Ray until police, fire and EMS arrived.

Detective Constable Lara Perks, who was off-duty at the time and attending the class with her children, called 9-1-1 and also assisted with CPR until EMS arrived.

Ms. Ray, with the assistance of Mr. Ray, were credited by the paramedics in saving the woman’s life.

The woman is now home and doing well and recovering. They determined that she had had a cardiac emergency that day while at the gym.

According to nominating officer DC Perks, the couple should be commended for their quick actions and intervention that day.

It is selfless actions like these on which a caring and compassionate community is built.

On behalf of our Service, thank-you.
Dr. Nick Feroze
Nominating Officer: PC Mat Cumming

On the afternoon of August 3, 2016 citizen Dr. Nick Feroze was driving in the area of Water and Murray Streets when he saw an elderly female crossing the road.

The woman was three quarters of the way across the road when she was struck by a car. When the car struck the female it accelerated and ran over her leg.

The car continued on to the next intersection and stopped for several minutes before leaving the area.

Sadly not everyone stopped.

According to nominating officer PC Mat Cumming, Dr. Feroze went out of his way to offer assistance to the lady and by doing so, put himself in danger as well by being in the middle of Water Street, a busy street in Peterborough.

Both police and EMS attended and the woman was treated for her injuries.

The male driver of the car was subsequently charged.

On behalf of our Service we would like to sincerely, thank Dr. Feroze for his compassion and intervention in providing assistance to a stranger in need of help.

Nanne-Mary Loiselle
Nominating Officer: PC Jacob Donnelly

On August 10, 2016 citizen Nanne-Mary Loiselle attempted to save her neighbour that was struggling in his backyard pool.

Without hesitation Ms. Loiselle immediately entered the pool and attempted to help save the man’s life, which included holding his head out of the water until emergency services arrived and provided assistance.

Although emergency services were unable to revive the man and he tragically passed away, nominating officer PC Jacob Donnelly says Ms Loiselle went above and beyond and did everything in her power to attempt to help save the life of her neighbour.

On behalf of our Service, we want to sincerely thank Ms Loiselle for her courageous efforts that afternoon, for her compassion and care for her neighbour and for the assistance she provided to emergency services.

Doug Lummiss
Lance Mitchell
Nominating Officer: PC Leanda LeVasseur

On the morning of November 11, 2016 a woman was waiting at a George Street bus stop when she was approached by an unknown man who grabbed her and threw her into a nearby building where a struggle ensued.

The woman’s cellphone fell out of her pocket and the man grabbed it so she wasn’t able to call for help.

Two citizens, Doug Lumiss and Lance Mitchell, were walking on the other side of the road when they heard the woman’s cry for help. They crossed George Street to investigate and help the woman.

Mr. Lummiss and Mr. Mitchell entered the building in an effort to locate the man. Once inside, the man stepped out from behind a wall and attempted to assault Mr. Lummiss with a knife.

Mr. Lummiss was not injured in the attempt and the man retreated out of sight again.

Mr. Mitchell had entered the building and saw the man standing several yards away. He confronted the man about the woman’s cell phone and the man fled out of sight further into the building.

Both men retreated outside and stayed with the woman until police arrived, ensuring that the suspect did not exit onto the busy street.

Both men also provided information and descriptions to police that assisted in the eventual identification and apprehension of the suspect.

As a result, a 27-year-old Peterborough man was arrested and charged with several offences including robbery with violence, kidnapping, assault and forcible confinement.

According to PC Leanda LeVasseur, Mr. Lummiss and Mr. Mitchell should be commended for their quick action and response to a member of the community needing help.

Both Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Lummiss put themselves in harm’s way in an effort to protect the victim. Both demonstrated a calm, collected willingness to stand up for others and assist when a member of their community was in need.

For this they should be congratulated.

On behalf of our Service we sincerely thank Mr. Lummiss and Mr. Mitchell for their bravery, intervention and assistance to police that day.

It is our pleasure to recognize both men for their selfless actions.

Peterborough Police Services Board Commendation
Auxiliary Constable Max Milan

On March 18, 2017 at approximately 11:30 p.m. police responded to a call on McNamara Road regarding a female party who was severely intoxicated and was involved in a family dispute. During this dispute the female party exited a moving vehicle and fled the area.
The 16-year-old female fled into a series of fields and became disoriented to the point where she fell into the Otonabee River and was unable to get herself out.
Responding officers utilized PC Sam McCullum and Police Service Dog (PSD) Hal to initiate a dog track in order to find the female. Auxiliary Officer Max Milan accompanied PC McCullum on the track.
PSD Hal was able to locate the female party who had now been immersed in the water for approximately 15 minutes. The water temperature was just above freezing and there were remnants of ice on the water. The outdoor temperature was at the freezing level or just below. The female party could barely keep her head above the water.
Aux. Milan jumped into the water and was able to support the female party.
PC McCullum then used the leash of his PSD and with the assistance of Aux. Constable Milan they were able to loop the leash under the arms of the female party and lift her out of the water. When she was removed she was suffering the effects of hypothermia.
Other officers were then were required to drive a cruiser through field in order to remove the female and transport her to the road where she was turned over to Peterborough Paramedics for treatment.
Without the quick work of yourself and PSD Hal, a good deal of time could have expired resulting in the death of the female party due to exposure or drowning. Although entering the water is a last resort, had PC McCullum and Aux. Constable Milan not acted quickly, this incident may not have ended successfully.
As the Chairman of the Peterborough Police, it is my pleasure to present you with a Commendation by the Board in recognition of your actions in resolving this matter with competence and compassion. Your actions were no doubt instrumental in rescuing this female from very serious injuries or death.
On behalf of the Peterborough Services Board, the Chief of Police Murray Rodd, all members of this Police Service and members of the communities you serve, thank-you for your efforts to resolve this matter peacefully.
Police Partnership Recognition Awards
Constable Scott Baumann – Anishinabek Police Service

Policing in any Ontario community can be equally challenging and rewarding. As such, the training and development of officers in the early stages of their career can be tremendously important to the future success of their law enforcement career.
As part of our ongoing commitment to engage in meaningful partnerships with neighbouring police agencies, the senior administration of the Anishinabek Police Service and the Peterborough Police Service felt there was a good opportunity for one of their newer officers to engage in a meaningful professional development opportunity and gain some additional experience before policing his own community.
Constable Scott Baumann of the Anishinabek Police Service, Curve lake Detachment was selected to work alongside Peterborough Police Officers for a period from February to April. Constable Baumann was assigned to Community Patrol on C Platoon and became a valuable member of our Police Service while he was with us. He experienced a wide variety of calls and was able to assist our officers in many aspects of community based policing.
This is the first time we have engaged in such a partnership and we feel that it was extremely successful in helping to develop a competent, individually functioning frontline officer who will provide community patrol to his community in a safe, courteous and effective manner.
We wish Scott all the best in his law enforcement career and hope to engage in professional development opportunities between our Police Services in the future.

Robert Lewis Bursary
Constable Dillon Wentworth

Constable Dillon Wentworth grew up in Lindsay Ontario attending Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute graduating as an Ontario Scholar. He went on to pursue post-secondary education in the field of Psychology. He graduated in 2015 from Trent University on the Dean’s Honour Roll with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology.

During the time at University, PC Wentworth was actively involved volunteering with youth in Lindsay Ontario. Specifically, he was involved as a leader at an after school drop in center for at risk youth and mentoring in various youth programs offered in the community.

PC Wentworth was hired by the Peterborough Police Service in January of 2016, graduating in April of 2016 from the Ontario Police College.

Since being hired on as a Police Constable has continued volunteering in the Peterborough community being involved in the Kids and Cops program and the Children’s Special Olympics day held at Trent University.

PC Wentworth now lives in the City of Peterborough with his wife Rebecca and newborn son Liam

Police Exemplary Service Awards

  • Special Constable Neil Curry 20 Year Medal
  • Special Constable Bev Enright 20 Year Medal
  • Special Constable Denis Fairbairn 20 Year Medal
  • Constable Alison Sharp 20 Year Medal
  • Constable Jeff Clark 30 year Medal
  • Constable Daniel Lemay 30 year Medal
  • Constable Todd Silieff 30 year Medal
  • Sergeant Todd Blewett 30 year Medal
  • Sergeant Sean Quinlan 30 year Medal
  • Staff Sergeant Phil Davis 30 year Medal
  • Staff Sergeant John Lyons 30 year Medal
  • Inspector Larry Charmley 30 year Medal
  • Deputy Chief Timothy Farquharson 30 year Medal

Police Exemplary Bios for Members Attending the Ceremony:

Sergeant Sean Quinlan

Born and raised in the town of Cobourg, Sgt. Sean Quinlan has been a member of the Peterborough Police Service since November 1986. He joined the police service after spending two and half years at Carleton University in the Criminology program.
During his time with the police service Sgt. Quinlan has served in a number of units, including general patrol, high school liaison, traffic officer, scenes of crimes officer, sexual assault investigator, search warrant officer, coach officer, Crisis Negotiator, CIT officer, and ERT officer.
Sgt. Quinlan has served three years in the Criminal Investigation branch, sexual assault and major crimes section prior to being promoted in 2008. He is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol division of the Service as a supervisor on B platoon.
He has spent 27 of his 30 years in the Uniform Patrol division. He has been with the Emergency Response Team since 2001 as an operator and for the last five years as a supervisor with the Team.
Sgt Quinlan has received nine commendations over his career ranging from Divisional Commanders, Chiefs, and Police Services Board commendations.
He has twice been honored by the Knights of Columbus with the Meritorious Service Award.
Sgt Quinlan is married to Lori and they have two daughters, Kaylie and Nicole.
He would like to thank his wife and daughters who have stood by him throughout his career and have helped him greatly through some very critical incidents he has encountered on the job.
Inspector Larry Charmley

Inspector Larry Charmley began his career with the Peterborough Police Service on the 17th of November 1986. Since that time he has performed a variety of job functions including, General Patrol, Foot Patrol, Relief Communicator, Coach Officer, Firearms Officer, Recruiting Officer, Use of Force Trainer, Emergency Response Team Member and Criminal Investigator.
In 2005 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, fulfilling the role of a supervisor on a Platoon and on the Emergency Response Team.
In 2008 he transferred to Investigative Services as the Detective Sergeant for Major Crime and in 2009 promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and returned to Platoon.
In 2012 Insp. Charmley transferred back to Investigative Services as the Detective Staff Sergeant.
In 2013 he was promoted to the rank of Inspector in charge of Investigative Services, where he remains today.
Inspector Charmley has also full filled the role of Incident Commander since 2008 and is an active member on a number of committees.
He is the current Chair for the Peterborough Drug Strategy Advisory Committee, a Zone Representative for the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative Board of Directors, a member of the Peterborough Parole Citizen Advisory Committee and a member of the Police Service’s Employee and Family Assistance Plan Committee.
Inspector Charmley would like to acknowledge all of the sworn and civilian members in the Police Service that he has worked with and who have supported him over the years.
He would especially like to acknowledge and thank his wife, Deb, children, Samantha and Jacob, and his mother Helen, who have always been there to support him in what is often a challenging, but rewarding career.

Deputy Chief Timothy Farquharson
Deputy Chief Farquharson has been a member of the Peterborough Police Service since 1986. He has an extensive range of police experience and training and has held positions in every section of the Service over the past 30 years. He has had increased levels of command and responsibility throughout the Service and currently holds the rank of Deputy Chief of Police.
Deputy Chief Farquharson has extensive experience in Operations and Criminal Investigations, including a lengthy tour of duty in intelligence and illicit drug investigations. He is extremely proud of his volunteer commitments and the many community partnerships that have been developed as a result of this work in the Peterborough area.
During his career Deputy Chief Farquharson was the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal of Bravery. He was also chosen Police Officer of the Year on three occasions and has received numerous commendations and citations throughout his career for outstanding work in criminal investigations.
Deputy Chief Farquharson holds the Police Exemplary Service Medal and was a recipient of the Certified Municipal Manager – Police Executive Level 3 designation from the Ontario Municipal Management Institute.
Deputy Chief Farquharson is a graduate of Lakefield College School and Fleming College. He graduated as valedictorian from the Rotman School of Management, Police Leadership Program through the University of Toronto. He was more recently inducted as a member of the Order of Merit of Police Forces presented by the Governor General of Canada.
Deputy Chief Farquharson is married to his wife Jennifer and is the father of four wonderful children. He considers himself blessed to have worked with the incredible men and women civilian, sworn and volunteer that keep Peterborough safe every day and he looks forward to continuing to serve the community moving forward.

Knights of Columbus
Police Officer of the Year 2017

Constable Greg Robinson
On December 17, 2016 a young woman arrived in Peterborough after escaping from a violent man who had control over her. The man found the woman and attended Peterborough. The woman called police when she saw the man and another male waiting for her outside a business.

Constable Greg Robinson attended with two other officers and located the male associated to the violent male. The woman was spoken to by Constable Robinson who then carefully considered the statements of the male and made other observations based on his experience. Constable Robinson then directed the other officers to detain the male based on his grounds. Constable Robinson then continued to investigate and quickly formulated grounds for the arrest of the associated for intimidation.

Subsequently the search uncovered a large quantity of drugs and cash.

On January 17, 2017 a male called police to report being threatened by two males who had broken into his home. Constable Robinson spoke to the victim and recognized that the incident was drug related and substantially different from the 9-1-1 call. Constable Robinson quickly clarified the incident for officers including his supervisor at the scene. A course of action was decided. Five people were arrested including two drug traffickers and a substantial quantity of drugs and cash were seized.

As a result of these two investigations that Constable Robinson took a lead role in, there was approximately $100,000 in cash and drugs seized.

Through his initiative in utilizing thorough investigative techniques, intelligence-led policing and communication with other officers, there were two significant drug seizures and the arrest of significant criminals.

Constable Robinson’s proactive approach and initiative definitely results in the successful conclusion of these two incidents.