Good Neighbour Program a Great Partnership Between Fleming College and Peterborough Police

The Peterborough Police Service and Fleming College are partnering once again to promote the Good Neighbour Program.

At the beginning of each school year members of our Service that police Area 3, in which Fleming College is located, and staff from Fleming College take the time to chat with and provide education and support to students living off-campus along with permanent residents in the area around being a good neighbour.

This year’s program will take place on Wednesday September 20, 2017 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

“The goal of this program is always prevention and education. We want to ensure that both residents and students feel their neighbourhood is a safe, inclusive, welcoming and vibrant area in which to live, work, study and play,” explains Peterborough Police Constable Mark Jilesen, Area 3 Team Member.

“We want to give residents a chance to voice their concerns and provide those residents with possible solutions or goals we may have for the year. It is also to raise awareness for students living in the area that we have a zero tolerance stance on several issues including noise and property damage.”

Information garnered from speaking with residents and students during the evening will be used to come up with new strategies on how the Service and College can collectively create a better relationship between students and permanent residents in the area.

“Fleming College is committed to making community connections and assisting students with the transition into community living. We are excited to continue the Good Neighbourhood visits this year with new student leaders and new representatives from Peterborough Police Service,” says Kelsey Doherty, Fleming College Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing Coordinator

“We hope for another great year of visits in our local community and look forward to speaking to as many community members as possible. It is important that if you were not able to speak with representatives of Fleming College or Peterborough Police Service during this initiative to contact Fleming College Housing Services with any feedback you may have.”

Fleming College provides students living off-campus with the Good Neighbour Guide. The Guide highlights the needs and responsibilities of students as well as landlords and local homeowners (please see guide attached). Included in the guide are good neighbour tips around keeping it quiet, keeping it clean, helping out, partying responsibly, parking and traffic rules, personal safety tips for students, community involvement and conflict resolution.

The Guide states:
“By understanding and respecting everyone’s needs, we believe our neighbourhoods will be more connected, inclusive, supportive, safe and enjoyable for all.”