September 30, 2017 – Protest Rally at Confederation Park

Today, September 30, hundreds of people gathered in the area of Confederation Park in response to the announcement of an anti-immigration rally which began peacefully.

At around 1445 hrs some people in the crowd covered their faces and heads to disguise their identity.

A male and a female, who had her head and body covered in clothing, engaged in a shouting match. During the dispute an officer was assaulted. As a result the woman was arrested for assaulting the officer and was placed in a police cruiser. Police obtained her name and address and released the woman from custody. Further investigation will be undertaken regarding this incident.

Officers attempted to restore calm to the crowd, which had largely dispersed by 1730 hrs.

A male was arrested on the south side of Confederation Park after assaulting another male causing injury to the victim’s mouth, which required medical treatment. As a result of that investigation Owen Lucas, 22 years, of Wolfe Street, was arrested for assault cause bodily harm. He has been held in custody.

Information received was that the organizer of this anti-immigration rally did not attend.