Auxiliary Unit

Community Policing

We are extremely proud of our Auxiliary Policing Unit and appreciate all the volunteer hours they contribute and dedicate to public safety. Established in 1999, the Unit epitomises the community policing philosophy, particularly Sir Robert Peel’s principle “the Police are the public and the public are the Police”.

Auxiliary Constable Don Parnell and Auxiliary Constable Denise Griffin standing next to each other in Del Crary Park.
  • Auxiliary officers serve the community in a volunteer capacity.  Most hold full-time jobs in completely unrelated fields, choosing to give back to the community by joining our Service.
  • Check “Recruitment” on our Home page to see if we are accepting applications for the Auxiliary Unit. Learn more about recruitment.
  • The Auxiliary Unit is structured like a platoon in the Operations Division with Staff Sergeants, Sergeants, and a number of authorized Constables.
  • In 2015 the Auxiliary Unit was comprised of 26 Constables with two Staff Sergeants and three Sergeants.
  • Auxiliary Officers must successfully complete intensive training that includes developing an understanding of the various duties performed in policing, including (but not limited to): federal, provincial and municipal laws, use of force techniques, mental health procedures, and crime prevention strategies.
  • Auxiliary Officers are required to perform a minimum of twelve hours of volunteer duties per month.  Duties include assisting on patrol, traffic/pedestrian control at parades and events, and community events (i.e. Police Week).
  • In recent years the Auxiliary Unit’s combined volunteer time has surpassed 6,000 hours.
  • The Auxiliary Unit provides the Homeguard Inspection program.  The Unit also contributes significantly to the Car Seat Partnership by participating on the Committee and in the child car restraint installation clinics. The Unit also completed 44 Homeguard Inspections In 2015, the Unit complete 44 Homeguard Inspections.