22 Citizens Recognized During Police Appreciation Night

During the 40th Annual Knights of Columbus Police Appreciation event held May 16, 2018 our Service recognized and thanked 22 citizens who went above and beyond in the last year in providing exceptional assistance to our officers during a variety of incidents.

Citizen Awards:

Abe Draycott
Grant Heighway
Stewart Tummonds
Nominating Officer: PC Vince Way-Nee

On the morning of October 14, 2017 police responded to an overturned truck in a swampy ditch in the Township of Cavan Monaghan.

The truck had flipped and ended up in a ditch filled with deep water. The male driver managed to get out with assistance. Two children were upside down in the truck with their heads in the water, still belted into their seats.

Without hesitation three bystanders, citizens Abe Draycott, Grant Heighway and Stewart Tummonds, waded in, cut the seatbelts and retrieved the children without serious injury. The mother was still in her seat, injured when EMS, police and fire arrived on scene. The three citizens also helped keep the mother calm and her head out of the water.

Without any concern for their own safety these three citizens acted quickly and without hesitation to help in rescuing the family in the overturned truck.

According to nominating officer PC Vince Way-Nee, without the swift actions of Mr. Draycott, Mr. Heighway and Mr. Tummonds this incident could have quickly turned into a tragedy.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank all three citizens for their care, concern and intervention that day.

Tara Genge
Nominating Officer: Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson

On the morning of July 18, 2017 citizen Tara Genge was at her place of work when she saw an assault taking place on the sidewalk outside.

The victim, a 74-year-old male, had been riding his bike in the area of Erksine Avenue when he became involved in an argument with the driver of a truck also travelling in that area at that time.

During the argument the victim was assaulted and struck several times with a small club.

Ms. Genge ran out of her business while recording the incident on her phone. She approached the two men and intervened in the assault.

Her actions effectively stopped the assault and the male suspect then left the area in his truck.

Police and EMS attended the scene and the victim was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries.

Through the subsequent investigation which used the video footage provided by Ms. Genge, the driver of the truck was identified. That same day officers located the male suspect and placed him under arrest for aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

Recording the incident and providing the footage to police helped immensely with the investigation and in making an arrest. Ms. Genge’s care and concern for a complete stranger and her willingness to put herself in harm’s way effectively stopped the assault.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Ms. Genge for her brave and helpful actions that day.

Justin Pellerin
Nominating Officer: PC Christoper Hardill and PC Jason Cannon

On the afternoon of July 3, 2017 citizen Justin Pellerin was driving south on Brealey Drive when a male hydro worker from Quebec was electrocuted. Mr. Pellerin, an apprentice with Hydro One at the time, knew the potential hazard that first responders were entering on the scene and took it upon himself to make sure that nobody else was hurt during the incident.

Mr. Pellerin advised PC Chris Hardill and PC Jason Cannon to not approach the Hydro truck as the ground area was still electrified. He also alerted EMS and Fire of the very dangerous conditions and displayed great concern for all parties attention the scene.

According to nominating officers PC Hardill and PC Cannon, if not for Mr. Pellerin’s assistance, expertise and concern for everyone’s safety during that tragic event another person very likely could have been killed by attempting to run across the electrified ground to the deceased.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Pellerin for his assistance and intervention that day which in turn kept our officers and other emergency responders safe.

Aaron Beverley
Kelly and André Robert
Nominating Officer: PC Greg Robinson

On the afternoon of July 3, 2017 two men and an 11-year-old boy were in a canoe just north of
Lock 19 on the Otonabee River when their canoe upset causing all three to fall into the water.
Due to a strong current, the three men were carried by the current toward the Lock. All three grabbed ahold of the safety guide wire and waited for help.

Police, Fire and Paramedics were contacted and dispatched to Lock 19 to assist.
Upon arrival, Police noted the three males to be in distress and it was clear all were becoming tired and were having difficulty holding on to the guide wire.

The men were approximately 75 feet from shore and it was not possible for Emergency responders to throw the individuals a safety rope or any other device to pull them to shore.

It was at this time, the Lock opened and two individuals on jet skis came to the aid of three men.
All the men were transported by the jet skiers to safety and treated by fire and paramedics and subsequently released without injury.
Only due to the quick action of the Lockmaster, citizen Aaron Beverley, and the jet skiers who were identified as citizens Kelly Robert and Andre Robert, were the three men rescued without further incident. The Robert’s and Beverley’s quick thinking and willingness to provide assistance certainly resulted in a successful outcome.

PC Greg Robinson obtained the names of the jet skiers and Lockmaster and thanked them for their assistance. The Robert’s and Beverley were extremely humble and were happy they could provide assistance and did not wish to be recognized for their efforts.

For this reason, PC Robinson recommended that Kelly Robert, Andre Robert and Aaron Beverley be acknowledged for their heroism and dedication to community to ensure the safety of the three men who found themselves in a precarious situation.
On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we thank-you for your selfless actions that day.

Steve Smith
Nominating Officer: PC Jason Cannon, PC Eric Easterbrook, PC Ryan Sharp

On May 1, 2017 police received a call from the Lansdowne Street Walmart regarding a male shoplifter who had fled the store on foot and was being pursued by the store’s loss prevention officer.

PC Eric Easterbrook was the first officer to the area and joined the foot pursuit. The man had made it several blocks before PC Easterbrook caught up with him. By that time the loss prevention officer had fallen far behind and PC Easterbrook was alone with the accused.

The accused turned at PC Easterbrook and charged aggressively. PC Easterbrook had to use physical force to defend himself and safely affect the arrest.

A passerby named Steve Smith was driving by at the time. He saw PC Easterbrook controlling a violent, resisting man and exited his vehicle and without hesitation jumped in to assist.

Mr. Smith assisted and remained with PC Easterbrook until PC Jason Cannon and PC Ryan Sharp arrived moments later.

The three officers state that they all greatly appreciated Mr. Smith’s willingness to help instead of simply ignoring them and driving by.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service it is our pleasure to recognize Mr. Smith at tonight’s ceremony for his brave actions and willingness to intervene and help police in an arrest.

The male was subsequently charged with theft and three counts of failing to comply with a probation order.

We cannot effectively do our jobs in isolation and Mr. Smith is a shining example of police and the public working together to help create a safer community.

Brad Godward
Nominating Officer: PC Steven Dyer

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on October 29, 2017 citizen Brad Godward was driving along Keene Road to visit a friend when he noticed a car stopped along the side of the road. While driving home about an hour later he noticed the same vehicle still on the side of the road.

Mr. Godward decided to stop and see if anyone inside the vehicle needed help. When he approached the vehicle he could see a woman slumped over the steering wheel, unresponsive, and a young child in the backseat of the car.

Mr. Godward called emergency services and police and EMS were dispatched to the scene.

EMS was able to start treatment and wake up the woman who was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

During the incident it was cold, raining and about 5 degrees. According to nominating officer PC Steven Dyer, the child in the vehicle was not properly clothed for the weather conditions and could have faced serious harm if the vehicle had been left undiscovered.

PC Steven Dyer says without the keen observations of Mr. Godward and his willingness to stop and help a stranger this situation could have become far more serious.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Mr. Godward for his care concern and intervention that day.

Robert & Elizabeth Dainton
Nominating Officer: DC Karen O’Brien

On April 20, 2017 DC Karen O’Brien along with another officer and victim services attended a Peterborough residence to inform a woman about the sudden death of her husband, the circumstances of which were extremely traumatic.
For police officers informing a person about the death of a loved one is a routine but unfortunate part of the job as emotions are always incredibly high. It’s a part of the job that never gets easier.

That is why the actions of neighbours Robert and Elizabeth Dainton were so appreciated that day. While at the residence officers asked the wife if there was anyone to call to be with her and she mentioned the Dainton’s.

Without hesitation the Dainton’s arrived at the home and provided much need comfort to the wife.

According to DC Karen O’Brien the actions of the Dainton’s that day were very calming, reassuring, respectful and helpful.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to acknowledge and say thank-you to Robert and Elizabeth for making a very difficult part of our job much easier that day.

Our community is lucky to have citizens such as yourselves who are willing to drop whatever they are doing to help a neighbour during a very traumatic time.

Terri Cox
Nominating Officer: PC Robert Cowie

On March 25, 2017 at approximately 2:15 p.m. officers were dispatched to the area of Scollard Drive for a person that had fallen through the ice into a body of water.

A man in his late 60’s had been walking his dog when the dog went onto the ice and fell through. The man attempted to retrieve his dog and also broke through the ice in deep water and was unable to get out.

Citizen Terri Cox, who lives in the area, could hear a faint cry for help coming from the wooded area. She quickly made her way down towards the man where she found him in the icy water. She called out to the man and told him she was going to call 9-1-1 for help.

After calling 9-1-1 Ms. Cox ran back to the man and continued to call out to him while telling him help was on the way and kept observations, doing her best to keep the man fighting to hang on.

When officers arrived they were met by Ms. Cox who quickly led emergency responders through a wooded path and along the shoreline to the man.

Police and Fire found the man 60 yards from the shoreline and hanging onto a thin sheet of ice while the rest of his body was submerged in the deep water. Peterborough Fire inflated a rubber boat and quickly paddled toward the man who was pulled out to safety. The man, suffering from severe hypothermia, was taken to a local hospital were fortunately he did not suffer any major injuries.

According to nominating officer PC Robert Cowie it is without a doubt that Ms Cox’s quick actions prevented a tragedy from occurring. The man surely would not have been able to hold on much longer as it was estimated he as in the freezing water for 20 minutes before emergency personnel were able to get to him.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Ms. Cox for her intervention and care and concern that day in helping save the life of a stranger.

Shawn Salo
Nominating Officer: Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson

On September 30, 2017 an anti-immigration protest organized by a local resident and Chairman of the Canadian Nationalist Front, took place at Confederation Park.

This protest, that drew hundreds of people to the park, prompted various groups to come together in an act of solidarity to rally against the protesters.

Although, the Canadian Nationalist Front never showed, some members from the opposition targeted people they believed to be part of the protest and assaulted them. This resulted in police having to intervene at which point the crowd turned against police.

This situation could have turned out extremely negative for both the police and the crowd had it not been for the professional and patient approach of the attending police officers.

During the situation a protester attempted to assault an officer.

Citizen Shawn Salo, who was at the park that day, intervened and grabbed the protester until told by police to let go. During the incident Mr. Salo was assaulted and suffered a broken finger as a result of attempting to help police.

According to Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson, Mr. Salo intervened and put himself in harm’s way in order to stop an officer from being assaulted. We are not aware of any other citizen that day that attempted to help police.

Mr. Salo is still dealing with the physical aftermath of his intervention, which required surgery.

Two people were arrested, and the investigation remains open in attempt to identify others who committed criminal offences.

On behalf of the Service we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Salo for his willingness to put himself in harm’s way in order to help our officers during a very violent situation. It is our pleasure to recognize you for your actions.

Julie Buchan
Nominating Officer: PC Jeff Plumbe

Shortly before 6 p.m. on June 30, 2017 citizen Julie Buchan was driving home from work when she came upon a man who was trapped under a tractor at his farm on Sherbrooke Street.

The man was pinned under the tractor, was struggling to breath and coming in and out of consciousness. Mr. Buchan saw another woman at the side of the road trying in vain to flag down motorists.

Ms. Buchan stopped her car and ran to the side of the road where she was able to flag down two passing motorists. Both cars stopped and two men helped roll the 1,000 pound tractor off the man.

During the incident Ms. Buchan continued to speak gently to the male to reassure him until first responders, including police, arrived.

The man was airlifted to a Toronto hospital and has since recovered from his injuries. We are fortunate to have Ms. Buchan here tonight to offer a heartfelt thank-you. Unfortunately the two men that also assisted that day are unknown but we also extend our thanks to them.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Ms. Buchan for her willingness to stop and help. It is selfless actions like these on which a caring and compassionate community is built.

Martin Schady
Craig Willoughby
Nominating Officer: PC Mark Hubble

On the afternoon of July 15, 2017 a man was on his stand up paddle board near the bridge/dam area on Bridge Street in Lakefield when he fell off the board and got caught in the strong current, beginning to drift towards the dam.

Citizens Craig Willoughby and Martin Schady were fishing together in the area and noticed the male caught in the current, ran to the area and threw the man a floating ring. The man was able to hold onto the ring while Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Martin pulled him to safety. A nearby boater pulled up and the male was able to get into the boat where he was taken safely to shore.

PC Mark Hubble and paramedics arrived in the area and the male was treated for minor injuries. He did not require further medical attention and the Selwyn Fire Department was able to get the man’s paddle board and paddle safely out of the dam.

Nominating officer PC Hubble said without the quick actions by Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Schady this incident could have had a tragic ending.

It is our pleasure to recognize both Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Schady for their assistance and intervention that day in helping a complete stranger in distress.

On behalf of our Service, we sincerely thank-you.

Brad King
Katherine Woodman
Nominating Officer: PC Jason Cannon

On January 21, 2018 at approximately 2:50 a.m. PC Jason Cannon was on patrol in downtown Peterborough approaching Water Street and Simcoe Street when he was flagged down by citizens Brad King and Katherine Woodman.

The couple told PC Cannon that they had a child with them that was not their child and they were attempting to find her parents.

Ms Woodman told police that that she and Mr. King had been at home when they heard a noise outside their residence. When they went to investigate the noise they found a three-year-old girl outside.

The couple exited their residence, bundled up the child and attempted to find her parents, which is when they saw PC Cannon and flagged him down. PC Cannon was able to contact child services and the child was later re-united with her parents.

The young girl had wandered out of her residence dressed only in pajamas and was not far from several busy roads and intersections, Jackson Creek and other hazards.

According to nominating officer PC Cannon, if Ms Woodman and Mr. King had not intervened that day this incident could very well have been tragic.

On behalf of our Service, we would sincerely like to thank Mr. King and Ms. Woodman for their care, concern and intervention that winter day.

Robert Hedge
Nominating Officer: PC Gary Pilling

On April 21, 2017 at approximately 9 p.m. police were dispatched to the area of Lansdowne Street West and Kawartha Heights Boulevard for a possible impaired driver.

Citizen Robert Hedge had called 9-1-1 to report the driver and continued following the vehicle, providing police with a licence plate number and vehicle description.

Mr. Hedge told police the vehicle was speeding and had almost caused two head-on collisions.

Officers located the vehicle at Highway 7 and Sherbrooke Street. While speaking with the female driver officers also located three children inside the vehicle.

Through a subsequent breath test it was revealed that the driver had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system.

As a result of the investigation the driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with more than the legal limit of alcohol in her system.

On behalf of our Service we would like to thank Mr. Hedge for intervening and calling 9-1-1 and for the valuable information he provided to police, which allowed officers to locate the vehicle and make the subsequent arrest.

Your actions that night contribute greatly to community safety.

Paul Hennesey
Mitchell Bennet
Nominating Officer: PC Travis Earle and PC Alicia McGriskin

Shortly after 1 p.m. on April 7, 2017 police responded to a disturbance in the Market Plaza parking lot where three people had been assaulted by a male suspect.

When officers arrived they located a large crowd of people which had formed in the parking lot and saw two men, citizens Paul Hennessey and Mitchell Bennett, who were apprehending the male suspect.

The male suspect was placed under arrest and with the help of both men the male suspect was handcuffed and placed in the police cruiser. The male was subsequently charged with assault causing bodily harm and assault X2.

PC Travis Earle and PC Alicia McGriskin wish to acknowledge citizens Paul Hennessey and Mitchell Bennett for their assistance that day in apprehending the male suspect.
Both Mr. Hennessey and Mr. Mitchell restrained the suspect until police arrived on scene and provided details surrounding the incident which has assisted in the prosecution of this incident.

According to PC Earle and PC McGriskin, this act of heroism not only led to the arrest of the suspect but also prevented others from being harmed that day. In addition, the actions of both Mr. Hennessey and Mr. Bennett assisted the victims with closure and their right to justice.

On behalf of the Service it is our great pleasure to recognize Mr. Hennessey and Mr. Bennett for their assistance to police and their willingness to intervene that day in a dangerous situation in order to help complete strangers.