Sergeant Sean Wilson Winner of the Inaugural Carol Winter Humanitarian Award

The Peterborough Social Planning Council had the pleasure of knowing Carol for the past 14 years as a colleague, volunteer, board member and friend. People would come to meet Carol at the PSPC office to talk, make calls, access the services and learn where to go for community meals, overnight accommodations, advocacy support etc.

Carol was a selfless humanitarian who was non-judgemental and accepted everyone for their gifts and worked tirelessly making sure the voices of the vulnerable were heard.

Carol also provided education and awareness in the community through her letters to the editor, emails to staff, organizations and politicians.

Her ongoing presence at Municipal Council meetings were well known to advocate for services that should be a right, not a privileges that included increased income, housing, discretionary benefits, health care and adequate correctional services and supports.

She was a strong social justice advocate and friend to many in the community who felt marginalized, providing essential friendship, support, an attentive ear, links to access to services and advocating for doors to be opened.

This award is in honour of her spirit and her work. Carol was well known as tireless supporter and friend of people living on the margins.

It is important that Carol’s humanitarian work continues. She will be deeply missed.

In recognizing Carol’s work and her influence on our Community, the Peterborough Social Planning Council, in partnership with the Peterborough Police Service seized the opportunity to recognize a Peterborough Police officer who has carried on Carol’s passion in our Community.

I am happy to introduce and recognize Sean Wilson, a Sergeant with our Service.

Sean spent his career in a number of units within the Police Service, including time with our Emergency Response Team and Criminal Investigations Unit (both Active Crime and Major Crime), however many of Sean’s years were spent patrolling the City’s downtown core.
Over the years Sean took the time to really get to know the individuals downtown, and in turn got to know the many obstacles and challenges they often faced.

It is recognized that many of these challenges, such as affordable housing, food security and employment opportunities, are a concern of the community and a community responsibility.

When Sean was promoted to Sergeant it was an obvious fit to have Sean put in charge of coordinating the Team Policing initiative’s in the downtown.

Sean participated with a new developing unit where Community Partners came together to help the marginalized citizens of Peterborough obtain and maintain housing. H – CRT (the Homelessness Coordinated Response Team) is made up of agencies from Police, Canadian Mental Health, Social Services, Fourcast, Cameron House, Brock Mission, Warming Room, YES shelter for youth and families, Crossroads and others.

Every two weeks the group sits at the situation table to ensure individuals have adequate housing. Sean brings his experience to the table and shares information on the daily lives of the marginalized so that the best housing available can be paired with an individual, in an effort to ensure a successful transition in maintaining housing without worry of eviction.
We are all too familiar that some of our citizens struggle with mental illness. Sean has a passion to help these individuals, individuals who often come with no personal or family support.

Sean has been part of a more intense case management team that sits with medical staff to advocate for more regular care to better the individual’s quality of life.

It is with a great deal of pride and gratitude that I present Sergeant Sean Wilson with the inaugural Carol Winter Award.


Sergeant Sean Wilson (left) winner of the Inaugural Carol Winter Humanitarian Award with Inspector of Operations Neil Collins.

Sergeant Sean Wilson (left) winner of the Inaugural Carol Winter Humanitarian Award with Inspector of Operations Neil Collins.