Tuesday February 25th 2020, Media Release

Calls for Service.

(Feb 21 at 8am to Feb 22 8am) 115

(Feb 22 at 8am to Feb 23 8am) 74

(Feb23 at 8am to Feb24 8am) 97

(Feb24 at 8am to Feb25 8am) 84

Arrest on Warrant

On the 23rd of Feb officers on foot patrol conducted a persons check on a male and female in an area noted for disturbances and high drug traffic. During the course of the investigation the female gave a false name and date of birth. Eventually the true identity of the female was found and it was learned that she had warrants for her arrest. The female was arrested for the warrants and she was further charged with obstructing police. Charged is Madison  Dawn Sherwood 32 years of Parkhill Rd. She was released for court on the 12th of March 2020.

Break and Enter Arrest

On the 23 rd o fFeb officers responded to a break and enter complaint to a local business in the downtown core around 11pm. In the midst of this investigation a second call was received regarding a second break and enter a shrt distance away. Officers checking the area located a male in the immediate area. Through investigation it was learned that this male was in possession of a Controlled substance. Further to this the male was arrested for 2 counts of break and enter, Trespass by night, Possession of stolen property and 2 counts of Breach of Probation. Charged was Alexander John Burke, 21 years of King St. he was held for court on the 23rd of Feb 2020.

Arrest for Utter Forged document

On the 19th of Feb a male attended a local pharmacy in an attempt to have a prescription filled for a narcotic. The pharmacist on duty recognized the prescription to be a forgery and contacted police. Police attended at subsequently after investigation arrested the male for Uttering a forged document.Charged was a Shawn Michael Munro 26 years of Talwood Dr. He was released for court on the 11th of March 2020.

Assault Arrest

On the 22nd of Feb police were dispatched to a local shelter to assist with EMS personnel who were dealing with a patient. During the course of the treatment a student paramedic was assaulted by the patient. The student was not injured by the assault. Charged with one count of common assault is Jeffery Robert Allan, 32 years of Water St. He was released for court on the 17th of Mar 2020.

Assault Arrest

On the 21st of Feb a female party was at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre for medical treatment. During the course of the assessment the female party became aggressive and threatened to stab a staff member assisting her. police were contacted and arrested the female party for Uttering threats.Charged was Janine Yvette Cranely, 50 years of NFA. She was held for court on the 21st of Feb 2020.

Cause Disturbance Arrest

On the 21st of Feb 2020 police responded to a call about a male screaming and yelling obscenities in a parking lot of a hardware store on Lansdowne St. At one point in time the male had removed his pants and was chasing people around the lot. Upon police arrival the male was arrested for causing a disturbance. It was further learned that the male had used a stolen debit card to purchase items at a downtown store.Charged with Use of stlolen Credit card, cause a Disturbance, and two counts of breach of probation was Brandon Wayne McConnell, 25 years of NFA. He was held for court on the 22nd of Feb 2020.

Mischief Interfere lawful use of property

On the 23rd of Feb police received complaints regarding an ongoing issue with a loud stereo at an apartment complex. Several previous charges had been laid against a male in relation to the noise. The noise has continued and once again police were contacted. As a result of an investigation Sean Everett Rowe 43 years of Antrim St was charged with mischief. He was held in custody for court 24th of Feb 2020.

Arrest on Warrant for Assault
On the 25th of February 2020 Durham Regional Police Service conducted a persons check on a female party wandering the street in Whitby. Upon completing the check Durham found that the female had an outstanding warrant for Assault held by the Peterborough Police Service. The female was returned to Peterborough for a court appearance on the 25th of February. The warrant was for committing an assault upon a person who was visiting a patient in the emergency deportment at the Peterborough regional Heath Centre. Charged is Kristina Sanders 35 years of no fixed address.
Fraud Over $5000. Arrest
On the 24th of February 2020 police were called to a hardware store on Landowner St W. Staff at the store were aware that a credit card had been used to make a fraudulent purchase of a large sized generator. When a female attended to collect the generator police attended and arrested the female party.
The female party was also in possession of fraudulent identification. Further to the arrest a male party was also arrested outside the store. Charged with Fraud over $5000. and Impersonation is Ermie Archambault-Vizena 26 years old of Laval Quebec . Also charged with Fraud over $5000. is Merwan Hachicha 27 years old of Laval Quebec. Both parties were held in custody for court on the 25th of February 2020