Support Services

The Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is comprised of an Inspector and a team of civilian staff that form the backbone of the Service.  These staff are ‘behind the scenes’ in policing, but their work is crucial to the smooth operation of the Service.

  • Court Services perform two functions:  Court security and prisoner transportation.  Court Services also manages the court caseload and acts as liaison with Criminal Justice partners.
  • Central Records staff manage record keeping duties including the Service’s records management system and the National Police Information Bank (CPIC), warrants, the processing of Police records checks, freedom of information requests and the paid duty officer process.
  • Our Evidence Staff are responsible for receiving, recording, controlling, storing and dispensing with physical and digital evidence, found property, and firearms turned into the Service.
  • Front line officers rely on a Fleet of ‘cruisers’ to respond to calls for service.  The purchase, maintenance and repair of all Service vehicles, as well as building maintenance for the 35,000 square foot Headquarters is the responsibility of a civilian member of our staff.
  • Police uniforms and equipment, along with all office supplies are the responsibility of a civilian Quartermaster.
  • Policing Standards is responsible for ensuring the Service’s policies and procedures are in compliance with legislation, as well as administering the Public Complaints system in cooperation with the Ontario Independent Police Review Directorate.  A Staff Sergeant is assigned to this work.
  • Data Entry Clerks are assigned to each platoon and enter all reports, most by voice entry, allowing officers to remain on patrol in their Team Area.  These clerks ensure quality control in report completion and Court brief preparation, and reduce officer time spent on administrative duties.