Keeping you Informed

Communicating with the media and the community is important in ensuring that the Peterborough Police Service remains accountable, transparent and responsive  to the public we serve. The Media Relations and Communications Coordinator is responsible for providing the media with accurate and timely information while complying with all applicable legislation relating to Young Offenders and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Each year our Service issues hundreds of media releases on a variety of subjects ranging from serious incidents to crime prevention and safety messages. Along with the more traditional forms of media, our Service is keeping our citizens informed and up-to-date via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and MyBeat. One of the roles of the Media and Communications Coordinator is the design and layout of our Service’s documents including our Annual Report.

To receive either an email or text notification of when a new media release has been posted to our website please subscribe to our Media Release MyBeat. 

All Media Inquiries should be directed to:

Lauren Gilchrist
Media Relations and Communications Coordinator
705-876-1122 ext. 217

* All after hour media inquiries should be directed to the Officer In Charge at 705-876-1122 ext. 275 *