Record Checks

***Please Note: Police Record Checks Are Available Only to Residents Who Live Within Our Policing Jurisdiction. If You Live Outside These Limits Please Contact The Police Service Responsible For That Area. ***

Request a Police Record Check


Applying for a Police Record Check In Person

  • The applicant must attend in person and be a current resident of the City of Peterborough, the Village of Lakefield or The Township of Cavan Monaghan. To apply in person, please attend the main lobby of the Police Station Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  • Payment is due at the time of application.
  • Processing can take 2 weeks; longer in peak periods.
  • Completed Checks are available for pick up by the applicant in the main lobby 24/7/365.  Identification is required and checks cannot be picked up by another person.
  • Record Checks can also be mailed to the address of the applicant as indicated on the Record Check.


  • Employment or personal use   $37
  • Volunteer                                      $10

A volunteer letter from the organization you are volunteering with is required and must be presented at the time of application.

Volunteer Letters must be on organization letterhead indicating that the purpose of the check is for volunteering, and specifying if the Vulnerable Screening is, or is not required.

  • Student – School program              $10

Students who are living within the city limits of Peterborough, within the Village of Lakefield or The Township of Cavan Monaghan to attend school may apply. A valid student card; proof of registration/enrolment; or letter from the school program, along with proof of a Peterborough, Lakefield or Township of Cavan Monaghan address is required at the time of filing.

Students requiring a Police Record Check for Co-op placement, volunteer hours, etc., are required to provide a letter either from their school or from their placement location.

Identification Requirements

  • Two pieces of ID are required.
  • Photo Identification that includes your name, date of birth and address is required.  Acceptable forms of identification include drivers licence, photo health card, passport, birth certificate, BYID, Resident Card, etc.
  • If Identification does not show an address; proof of current address within our jurisdiction must be presented (piece of mail addressed to applicant, rent/lease receipt/agreement, etc).
  • Non-photo health cards and social insurance cards are not acceptable for identification purposes.

What type of Police Record Check do you need?

Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC) – intended for Applicants seeking employment, or to volunteer in any situation where a basic PCRC is requested (i.e. retail, or immigration).

Police Information Check (PIC) – intended for Applicants seeking employment, or to volunteer with agencies that require a criminal record check along with local police involvement check. The employer or agency has determined that a search of pardoned sex offenders, or contact relating to mental health is not required.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VS) – intended for Applicants seeking employment and/or to volunteer with vulnerable persons.  This check is a collection of offence information, including convictions, non-convictions and other relevant police contact information, including pardoned sex offences and mental health contacts.

Vulnerable persons are described in the Criminal Records Act as: “Persons who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstance, whether temporary or permanent, are in a position of dependence on others; or are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by persons in a position of authority of trust relative to them”

Please Note:  An offer of employment or volunteer position must have been received by the Applicant prior to the Vulnerable Sector Screening process being initiated.  If you require more than one copy for volunteer purposes, you must provide a volunteer letter from each organization that you require a Check for.  The cost for each Check is $10.

Understanding the Vulnerable Sector (VS) Screening Procedures

  • When performing a VS query, the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system initially attempts to identify a possible match to a sexual offence for which a Pardon has been granted, based on the surname and given name of the individual.
  • If this query does not identify the possible existence of a record, the system performs a subsequent query based on the sex and birth date of the individual.
  • If this query locates similar biographical data in criminal files it may trigger the CPIC system to prompt for the submission of fingerprints to verify or refute the existence of pardoned sex offender records.
  • If the results of the Vulnerable Sector Screening are returned as being inconclusive, the applicant will be asked to attend the Station in order to be fingerprinted.
  • The fingerprints are forwarded to the RCMP, who complete the screening process.

Turnaround time is approximately 10-12 weeks for this process to be completed.

Fingerprints are completed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

 Please see the links below for further information:

Police Check – Agency Fact Sheet

Police Check – Applicant checklist

Self Declaration – Self Declaration Guidelines – a process whereby the Applicant declares their adult criminal convictions to the Police Service. In order to release criminal convictions identified through a name based query, the Police Service must be satisfied that the Applicant’s declared criminal record information is a match to their registered criminal record held at the RCMP.

Reconsideration Process – Reconsideration Document – an Applicant may wish to have information excluded from the results. A reconsideration request may be submitted in writing to the Police Service for review.

For further information, please visit the RCMP’s website.

Organizations and groups requiring their volunteers and/or employees to have Police Record Checks are encouraged to contact the Police Service to arrange Record Check workshops at their location.  Minimum numbers apply.

Please Note:  Individuals residing outside of Canada are required to contact the Canadian Consulate or Embassy office in their locale for assistance in obtaining a Record Check directly through the RCMP.    We are not able to process applications for applicants residing outside of Canada.

Record Suspensions (Pardon)

A Record Suspension (formerly a Pardon) allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated they are law-abiding citizens for a prescribed number of years, to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records.

The Parole Board of Canada publishes a Record Suspension Guide which includes step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a record suspension, as well as the record suspension forms. You can obtain an application guide by visiting their website at

You do not need a lawyer or a representative to apply for a record suspension. The PBC gives equal consideration to all record suspension applications received – whether they are submitted by an individual or by a representative from a private agency. Submitting your record suspension application through an agency or lawyer will not improve your chances of being granted a record suspension. The PBC is not affiliated with any record suspension agencies.

When can a person apply for a record suspension?

Before a person is eligible to apply for a record suspension, he/she must have completed all sentences (paid all fines, served any sentences of imprisonment and completed any probation ordered) and waited a prescribed period after the completion of all sentences (5 years for a summary offence, 10 years for an indictable offence).

Local Police Record Check

The Record Suspension process requires that you obtain a Local Police Record Check (Step 4) from all police agencies having jurisdiction of an address where you have resided within the last five years. The booklet contains the Local Police Records Check form which you must provide to the police agency for processing. You will also be required to produce the information that was obtained from the RCMP through Step 1 of the process.

If you live in our area, you must attend the station to submit your request in person. If you live outside the area, you can mail in the form with a certified cheque or money order payable to the Peterborough Police Service. You must also include a legible photocopy of two pieces of identification, as well as a copy of the RCMP information obtained in Step 1.

We will only accept Local Police Record Check forms from private companies and lawyers offices if they include a duly completed letter or consent form signed by the Applicant authorizing us to conduct the search and release the results to the company.

If you have any questions about the Record Suspension process or for further information, please call  the Peterborough Police Service at 705-876-1122 x 215.