Fingerprint Destruction

Application can be made for the destruction of fingerprints and photographs taken by the Peterborough  Police Service for an arrest which did not result in conviction.

The fee for this service is $45.20 ($40 + HST) and is non-refundable.

You can either:

  1. Submit the online form, along with payment
  2. Submit a written request to the Chief of Police, including the fee in the form of a certified cheque, money order, bank draft or lawyer’s cheque payable to the Peterborough  Police Service.

The written request must include your full name, date of birth, and address.  A phone number or email address is also required.  Include as many details as possible regarding the occurrence, such as incident number, occurrence date, charge and disposition.

If the request is made by a lawyer or firm representing an individual, the lawyers name, Firm name, address, email and telephone number should also be supplied.

The fee is non-refundable in either case.  

The following conditions must be met before your application will be considered:

  1. First time offender with no prior involvement with the police as a suspect
  2. No record of criminal conviction
  3. A peace bond is not in effect

Records are only eligible for destruction upon request and only after the following periods, depending upon how the charge (s) was disposed of:

  1. Acquittal: Other than by reasons of verdict of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder: 2 months after the expiration of the time allowed for the taking of an appeal (30 days) or 3 months after all proceedings in respect of an appeal having been completed.
  2. Withdrawal: 30 days have elapsed from the withdrawal date.
  3. Dismissal: 30 days have elapsed from the disposition date (appeal period).
  4. Charges stayed: 1 year has passed from the disposition date.
  5. Withdrawal/peace bond: 30 days from the expiry of the peace bond.

You will be notified in either writing or via email should your request for destruction be denied and supplied with the reason for refusal.


The above time periods are the times of eligibility only.  Actual destruction cannot be approved until the disposition has been received by the Police Service from the Court.

If you application is approved it may take up to 1 year for the actual destruction to occur due to procedural processes and required correspondence with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Destruction only applies to fingerprints and photographs.  It does not include other reports that may be on file with the Peterborough Police Service. 


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