Victims’ Rights in Canada

If you have been a victim of a crime you are entitled to certain rights under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights. The Department of Justice, Canada, defines a victim as “a person who has suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime.”

Victims have the right to information:

  • Victims have the right to information as it pertains to: understanding the judicial system, possible resources that may be accessible to them, as well as the advancement of their case and the standing of the person who harmed them.
  • The Victim Services Unit of the Peterborough Police Services is available for assistance, information and advice.
  • The Victim Witness Assistance Program is specifically available for information, assistance and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse involved in the court process.
  • Victims can register with the Victim Support Line or Correctional Service Canada to access information about an offender.

Victims right to participation and restitution:

  • Court accompaniment and testimonial aids are all available to victims to aid them in their participation of the criminal justice process.
  • Individuals have the right to complete a Victim Impact Statement in order for the courts to consider the impact the crime has had on their life and/or their community. (See links below)
  • Victims also have the right for the courts to consider making a restitution order for their financial losses and to have any unpaid amount enforced by the civil court. (See link below)

Victims have the ability to apply for financial assistance:

  • A victim of a violent crime may have access to the Victim Quick Response Program. This program provides immediate assistance to those victimized by violent crimes and can help with the costs of funerals, counselling and many other services that may be necessary.
  • Similarly, victims of violent crimes may be eligible to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for financial compensation.
    If you have any questions about any of the information listed above please contact the Victim Services Unit at the Peterborough Police Service at 705 876 1122 ext. 268

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