Police Services Board

Chairperson’s Message

On behalf of the members of the Peterborough Police Services Board, we are proud to serve our community by providing democratic, civilian oversight of the Peterborough Police Service.

And we are proud to say that our community is well served by the police officers who patrol our streets and respond to emergencies. They are professional, caring individuals who completely embrace the principles behind community policing.

The Board is a five-member body that governs the Peterborough Police Service. Its composition is determined by the Police Services Act. It consists of two members appointed by the provincial government, two members of City Council and one member from the community, appointed by City Council.

The provincial government, through the Police Services Act, gives Boards the responsibility of overseeing how policing is provided in their communities.

We ensure that our community receives the appropriate policing for its needs. We consult with residents, community groups, organizations and other key stakeholders to determine the future direction of policing in our community.

The Board is responsible for the police budget, overseeing the actions of the Chief of Police and employing the members of the Police Service.

Day-to-day operations of the Police Service are the responsibility of the Chief of Police. The Police Services Act restricts the Board from directing the Chief of Police with respect to operational decisions.

The Board must perform the following duties:

  • Appoint the members of the municipal police service
  • Generally determine, after consultation with the Chief of Police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services in the municipality
  • Establish policies for the effective management of the police service
  • Recruit and appoint the Chief of Police and any Deputy Chief of Police, and annually determine their remuneration and working conditions, taking their submissions into account
  • Direct the Chief of Police and monitor his or her performance
  • Establish policies respecting the disclosure by the Chief of Police of personal information about individuals
  • Receive regular reports from the Chief of Police on disclosures and decisions made under Section 49 (secondary activities)of the Police Services Act
  • Establish guidelines with respect to the indemnification of members of the police service for legal costs under section 50 of the Police Services Act
  • Establish guidelines for dealing with complaints made by members of the public under Part V of the Police Services Act
  • Review the Chief of Police’s administration of the complaints system under Part V of the Police Services Act and receive regular reports from the Chief of Police on his or her administration of the complaints system

We will be operating under the guidance of the 2016-2018 business plan, Peterborough Police – Policing with the Community. This plan lays out a vision that was created with the involvement and input of community members. We reached out to citizens through a series of public forums and a community survey to get their views on how policing is provided and priorities going forward. There is a strong, positive relationship between the community and our police officers. That mutual respect is at the heart of this important service. I look forward to the roll out of the plan that will ensure we continue to meet the policing needs of our community.

To learn more about the Police Service and the Board, please refer to the additional, detailed information provided on this website.

Bob Hall, Chair