Police Services Board

Chairperson’s Message

As Chair of the Peterborough Police Services Board it is my pleasure to bring greetings to the residents of the City of Peterborough, Lakefield and Cavan Monaghan Township.  The five member Peterborough Police Services Board consists of two provincial appointees, two members of Peterborough City Council, and a community member who is appointed by City Council.    2019 is shaping up to be an extremely busy year for the Board.  A new business plan for 2020-2022 must be developed after consultation with many community stakeholders.   In addition, the Board will be entering into collective bargaining with our employees, both Sworn and Civilian this year.

Section 31 of the Police Services Act of Ontario establishes the responsibilities Boards must fulfill on behalf of the residents of their municipality(s).  The primary responsibility of the Board after consultation with the Chief of Police, is to provide adequate and effective policing services in the municipalities we serve and shall,

  1. Appoint the members of the municipal police force
  2. Generally determine, after consultation with the chief of police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services in the municipality{s}
  3. Establish policies for the effective management of the police force
  4. Recruit and appoint the chief of police and any deputy chief of the police, annually determine their remuneration and working conditions, taking their submissions into account
  5. Direct the chief of police and monitor his/her performance
  6. Establish policies respecting the disclosure by chiefs of police of personal information about individuals
  7. Receive regular reports from the chief of police on disclosures and decisions made under section 49 (secondary activities)
  8. Establish guidelines with respect to the indemnification of members of the police force for legal costs under section 50
  9. Establish guidelines for dealing with complaints made under Part V, subject to subsection 1.1
  10. Review the chief of police’s administration of the complaints system under Part V and receive regular reports from the chief of police on his or her administration of the complaints system

The Police Services Act restricts the Board from directing the chief of police with respect to operational decisions.

As Chair of the Peterborough Police Services Board I look forward to working with members of the Board supporting the challenging and critically important work all members of our police service perform 24/7, 365 days of the year.  It is a privilege to have been elected chair.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community in this capacity.

Gary Baldwin