Hearing of Delegations

15.1 When delegations desire to be present at meetings to address the Board, such individuals will be permitted to do so at the discretion of the Chair, provided that the matter(s) to be addressed falls within the jurisdiction of the Board. In matters that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Board, every attempt will be made to direct the delegation to the appropriate venue.

15.2 Delegations appearing before the Board are subject to the following:

a) Delegation(s) shall provide written notice of their request on or before 5:00 PM the Wednesday preceding the regular meeting. The request shall contain an outline of the subject matter of the address, and also include a list of persons who will be appearing before the Board and a copy of the materials to be presented;

b) Upon receipt of written notice requesting a delegation, the Executive Assistant shall list the delegation(s) on the next appropriate meeting agenda at the discretion of the Chair;

c) The Executive Assistant shall confirm with the delegation(s) the time and place at which the delegation(s) will address the Board, and will also inform them of the provisions relating to delegations;

d) Delegations shall address the Board through one speaker, be restricted to presentations of ten (10) minutes and shall address their remarks to the stated business. The time allotted for any delegation may be extended an additional five (5) minutes at the discretion of the Chair;

e) Upon completion of a presentation to the Board by a delegation, any discussion between Members of the Board and the delegation shall be limited to Members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional and relevant information. Members of the Board shall not enter into debate with the delegation respecting the presentation.

15.3 No delegation shall:

a) Speak disrespectfully of any person;

b) Use offensive words or unparliamentary language;

c) Speak on any subject other than the subject for which they have received approval to address the Board; or

d) Challenge the rules of procedure or a decision of the Chair.

15.4 The Chair may curtail any delegation, any questions of a delegation or debate during a delegation for disorder or any other breach of this By-Law and, where the Chair rules that the delegation is concluded, the person or persons appearing shall immediately withdraw.