The ICAD Unit

ICAD is an acronym for intelligence, crime analyst, asset forfeiture and drugs.  This Team has a broad range of skills in these highly specialized fields.

Photo of marijuana in a bags.
  • ICAD utilizes the Intelligence Led-Policing Model.  The Intelligence Unit and Crime Analyst are responsible for the collection, collation and dissemination of various streams of information. The Asset Forfeiture Unit assists in the seizing of proceeds of crime and offence related property.
  • The Crime Analyst uses sophisticated systems along with provincial and national networks to collate information and support investigations.
  • The Drug Unit has adopted a Four Pillar Approach:  harm reduction/treatment, prevention, education and enforcement.  This team works in partnership with the Peterborough Drug Strategy (http://peterboroughdrugstrategy.com/) and a collaborative of community groups and stakeholders to combat the harms associated with substance use.