Police Teams

The Community Patrol Unit

The Community Patrol Unit utilizes a team policing concept. This Unit promotes crime prevention and the shared responsibility between the community and the police for resolving crime problems and maintaining public order that may be unique to a specific area of the City of Peterborough, the Village of Lakefield and the Township of Cavan Monaghan. Teams annually set goals and objectives, plan Team meetings in the community, and design strategies to achieve their goals and objectives.

Officers standing in front of Millennium Park sign.

Team One

  • Area one showcases Peterborough’s downtown, which is mostly a recreation and service industry.
  • The Area One patrol zone is bordered by Wolfe Street to the South, Parkhill Road to the North, Park Street to the West and the Otonabee River to the East.
  • Geographically, area one is Peterborough’s smallest zone with the same number of calls for service as any other patrol zone.  Unique to Area One are Foot Patrol Officers.  These additional officers result in Area One to have the best coverage over any other patrol zone.
  • Team members have a strong relationship with the Downtown Business Improvement Association and merchants, in order to provide service that contributes to the safety and vibrancy of the downtown.
  • A large percentage of team policing projects in Area One is geared around the LCBO establishments.  Peterborough  Police Service works closely with the AGCO and the bar owners to ensure a safe Downtown experience.

2016 Overview: 

Geographically, Area 1 is the smallest of our six patrol zones but includes the City’s unique and vibrant Downtown Core, making it just as busy with calls for service as the larger patrol areas.

The main focus for 2016 continued around issues pertaining to vagrants, panhandlers and sex trade workers. As the year progressed, additional concerns were added including break and enters, vehicles speeding on Water Street, noisy bar patios and used needles being discarded in public places.

The collective team effort focused on local persons addicted to alcohol whom drink in public, cause disturbances and are aggressive with panhandling. Using the seizure authority under the Liquor Licence Act, this has been very effective in displacing the offenders.

In 2016 officers continued to form relationships and build rapport with the residents, business owners and patrons of Area 1 with a continued focus on Community Based Policing.

Officer shaking hands with vendor at downtown market.

Team Two

  • Area Two encompasses the northern part of the City and includes Trent University, the Rotary Trail, the Riverview Park & Zoo and the Chemong Road corridor.
  • The Rotary Trail is a former rail line that travels along the east bank of the Otonabee River from Ashburnham Drive to Nassau Mills Road and beyond. This trail is travelled by people commuting to and from work as well for recreational purposes.  Team Two utilizes bike patrols to ensure safety on the trail.
  • Team Two focuses on traffic enforcement in areas of heavy traffic and in residential areas where speed has been identified as an issue for residents.   Chemong Road and Water Street are areas of focus.
  • Team Two has a well-established partnership with Trent University and provides students with programs concerning substance use, sexual assault, and personal safety. We work together with the University to support their efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable campus for students and staff.  Learn about crime prevention for post secondary students under the “Learn” tab.

2016 Overview: 

The success of any police service depends on the support from and relationships established with the community it serves.

In 2016 the superintendent of a multi-unit residence in Area 2 approached our Service expressing interest in forming a community partnership addressing his tenants’ many concerns with ongoing drug and violence in the building.

The Superintendent felt the partnership would have a positive impact and reduce the amount of criminal activity in the area along with reducing calls to police. Working with the Superintendent, officers provided tips on how to improve safety.

As a result, the Superintendent installed a new state-of-the-art surveillance system covering all vital public areas in the building. Through the installation of the cameras there has already been a decline in the number of unwanted visitors.

The cameras are a significant crime prevention tool and will continue to be a beneficial resource for our officers in the future.

Team Three

  • Team Three is made up of retail, industrial and residential areas, largely in the west end of the City.  Team Three includes Fleming College, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Jackson Park, and a significant portion of the Lansdowne Street corridor.
  • Both Peterborough Victoria Northumberland Clarington Catholic District School Board secondary schools are in Area Three.
  • Traffic safety is a high priority in Area Three due to the volume of traffic and the high collision level.
  • Team Three works in partnership with Fleming College to address noise and other issues related to student housing.  This continues to be a priority, in order to ensure a harmonious relationship between incoming students and the permanent residents of the west end.  Learn about crime prevention for post secondary students under the “Learn” tab.

2016 Overview: 

The major focus for Team 3 officers in 2016 was developing solutions to ongoing issues regarding noise, common nuisance issues, damage to property and criminal offences in the area of Airport Road, Spillsbury Drive and Clancy Crescent in Peterborough.

Officers worked with representatives from the college located in Area 3 to educate both permanent and transient residents of the neighbourhood regarding laws and being a good neighbour.

The education campaign included: a face-to-face interaction with residents; an information package outlining offences and what to do to report them; providing community members an opportunity to express their concerns to police and school officials in a low pressure setting.

Area 3 once again had seven of the top ten worst intersections in the City for motor vehicle collisions. These intersections will continue to be the focus of targeted enforcement and education in 2017.

Team Four

  • Team Four encompasses the south and east end of the City and includes Lansdowne Place Mall, The Memorial Centre, Crary Park, East City, the Liftlocks and most of the shoreline that falls within the City limits.
  • Events held around Little Lake or in Del Crary Park are central to the City’s vibrant cultural and artistic presence.  Team Four collaborates with event organizers to ensure events are planned and provided with safety in mind.
  • Team Four includes several of the busiest intersections in the City.  Traffic enforcement around these intersections serves to remind motorists of safe vehicle operation and intends to reduce collisions.
Officer handing business card to owner of East City Coffee Shop.

2016 Overview: 

Throughout 2016 Area 4 officers tackled a number of issues including: addressing the number of traffic related incidents along Lansdowne Street with targeted enforcement of distracted drivers; providing an increased police presence along George Street South in the area of the train bridge and Millennium Park to ensure that all citizens that live and enjoy that area of the City feel safe; and addressing concerns from residents in the Crescent Street area regarding vehicles parking along the water’s edge and engaging in unwanted and suspicious behaviour.

Due to a significant amount of time being spent by officers conducting door-to-door canvasses for investigations, Team 4 members produced a newly designed door hangar that is now being used by officers during large-scale canvasses and investigations.

Funding for this project was generously provided by Rotary Peterborough.

Team Five

  • Team Five provides service to the residents of the Village of Lakefield.  Four officers are assigned and work collaboratively with residents and business owners there.
  • Officers in Lakefield have the benefit of a satellite office from which to work.  The Lakefield Station is located at 12 Queen Street.  It is open for walk-in business during specified hours.  Please call for information.
  • Service is augmented by other units such as traffic, community services and investigative services.  Officers provide school programs in Village schools, conduct RIDE and traffic details in the village and provide forensic and investigative services as required.
  • Team Five works in partnership with Lakefield Campground, Lakefield-Smith Community Centre, area schools, the Lakefield Agricultural Society and other local groups to provide support for events and ensure everyone’s enjoyment of amenities of the Village.

2016 Overview: 

The Peterborough Police Service provides policing to the Ward of Lakefield on a contract basis.

Our Service continues to enjoy a positive relationship with the Ward and the officers in Lakefield have developed a strong community policing environment.

In 2016 emphasis was placed on continuing to build on positive police and citizen engagement with meetings held with Team 5 members and Selwyn Township staff. The SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment) model was used to improve outcomes. An emphasis placed on increasing police visibility in the community with more proactive patrols assisted with the goal.

Traffic issues, especially during the summer months, continued to be a concern for residents in this area. Team 5 members conducted high visibility police enforcement to specifically address these traffic complaints. Education initiatives were also a part of this ongoing enforcement.

Officer shaking hands with boater at Lakefield Marina.

Team Six

  • Team Six provides service to the residents of the Township of Cavan Monaghan.
  • Six Uniform officers are assigned to the township and work collaboratively with the residents and business owners in the community.
  • Officers have the benefit of two satellite offices to work from. The Township office, located at 988 Kawartha Lakes County Road 10 in Millbrook and the Peterborough Airport, located at 925 Airport Road in Peterborough.
  • Uniform service is complimented by all other facets of the Peterborough Police Service and works in partnership with a number of local groups to provide support and ensure enjoyment of amenities throughout the township.

2016 Overview: 

In October 2015 our Police Service began providing policing to the Township on a contract basis.

Community Policing is a vital part of policing in this area. Team 6 officers worked on enhancing areas of Community Policing such as reducing crime/calls for service through education, working with citizens, community groups and businesses and reinforcing the concept that “Police are the People, People are the Police.”

Traffic and traffic-related issues are the greatest concern for residents in this area. In response, officers conducted 69 traffic details in complaint areas during 2016. In total, there were 1,913 Provincial Offences Notices issued in 2016.

Area 6 officers will continue targeted traffic enforcement and education in 2017.


Auxiliary officer greeting family outside cafe in Millbrook.