Police Teams

The Community Patrol Unit

The Community Patrol Unit utilizes a team policing concept. This Unit promotes crime prevention and the shared responsibility between the community and the police for resolving crime problems and maintaining public order that may be unique to a specific area of the City of Peterborough, the Village of Lakefield and the Township of Cavan Monaghan. Teams annually set goals and objectives, plan Team meetings in the community, and design strategies to achieve their goals and objectives.


Team One

  • Area one showcases Peterborough’s downtown, which is mostly a recreation and service industry.
  • The Area One patrol zone is bordered by Wolfe Street to the South, Parkhill Road to the North, Park Street to the West and the Otonabee River to the East.
  • Geographically, area one is Peterborough’s smallest zone with the same number of calls for service as any other patrol zone.  Unique to Area One are Foot Patrol Officers.  These additional officers result in Area One to have the best coverage over any other patrol zone.
  • Team members have a strong relationship with the Downtown Business Improvement Association and merchants, in order to provide service that contributes to the safety and vibrancy of the downtown.
  • A large percentage of team policing projects in Area One is geared around the LCBO establishments.  Peterborough  Police Service works closely with the AGCO and the bar owners to ensure a safe Downtown experience.

2019 Overview: 

Area 1 is a unique patrol zone and the location of the City’s vibrant downtown containing a large business and service industry during the day, an entertainment district at night and also housing a residential area.
In 2019 Area 1 had the largest number of officers, 16, patrolling the area, with eight assigned as foot patrol and eight community patrol drivers.
There were two team meetings held in 2019 where team members met as a group to discuss current trends and issues and to establish a focus for members of the team to work collectively in order to best serve the downtown community.
As in past years, members from the Downtown Business Improvement Area were invited to share their views of the downtown and their specific policing needs.
In 2019 Area 1 officers designed and distributed a survey to downtown businesses garnering feedback on community concerns. The project was put on hold as resources were deployed to assist with Victoria Park but this initiative will be continued as part of the 2020 Team Policing Project.
Areas of focus in 2019 included working with the Parking Enforcement Office at the King Street parking garage regarding unwanted individuals and working with downtown banks to address concerns regarding vulnerable persons loitering in ATM vestibules at night.


Team Two

  • Area Two encompasses the northern part of the City and includes Trent University, the Rotary Trail, the Riverview Park & Zoo and the Chemong Road corridor.
  • The Rotary Trail is a former rail line that travels along the east bank of the Otonabee River from Ashburnham Drive to Nassau Mills Road and beyond. This trail is travelled by people commuting to and from work as well for recreational purposes.  Team Two utilizes bike patrols to ensure safety on the trail.
  • Team Two focuses on traffic enforcement in areas of heavy traffic and in residential areas where speed has been identified as an issue for residents.   Chemong Road and Water Street are areas of focus.
  • Team Two has a well-established partnership with Trent University and provides students with programs concerning substance use, sexual assault, and personal safety. We work together with the University to support their efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable campus for students and staff.  Learn about crime prevention for post secondary students under the “Learn” tab.

2019 Overview: 

Area 2 encompasses the north end of the City with a high concentration of residences, businesses and schools, including Trent University
In 2019 Area 2 had the highest number of calls for service out of our six patrol areas.
During the year officers were tasked to work together in pairs to accomplish team projects and be responsible for liaising with community groups and businesses highlighted as having the greatest number of calls for service. The main goal was to reduce the number of calls for service in Area 2 and form partnerships with community stakeholders.
In 2019 Area 2 officers continued to liaise with Trent University to ensure a safe Head of the Trent Regatta homecoming weekend that takes place in early October each year; worked to reduce the number of loitering and other offences taking place outside businesses in the area of George and Brock Streets and helped enforce bylaws around tenting in Victoria park during the summer.
In 2019 a Traffic Constable identified intersections and roadways in Area 2 responsible for the greatest number of calls for service and motor vehicle collisions. In addition to other Team Projects, Area 2 officers focused on targeted traffic details and traffic enforcement in the areas identified as problematic to reduce the number of occurrences.

Team Three

  • Team Three is made up of retail, industrial and residential areas, largely in the west end of the City.  Team Three includes Fleming College, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Jackson Park, and a significant portion of the Lansdowne Street corridor.
  • Both Peterborough Victoria Northumberland Clarington Catholic District School Board secondary schools are in Area Three.
  • Traffic safety is a high priority in Area Three due to the volume of traffic and the high collision level.
  • Team Three works in partnership with Fleming College to address noise and other issues related to student housing.  This continues to be a priority, in order to ensure a harmonious relationship between incoming students and the permanent residents of the west end.  Learn about crime prevention for post secondary students under the “Learn” tab.

2019 Overview: 

Consisting of the City’s west end, Area 3 covers a large commercial, retail and industrial section of the City and includes Fleming College and the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.
In 2019 calls for service in Area 3 decreased by six per cent compared to 2018 with an average of 596 calls for services a month.
Motor vehicle collisions increased in Area 3 in 2019 and addressing the issue was a priority. One of the concerns was the new crosswalk on Brealey Drive near the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre. Officers attended the area and provided both education and enforcement to motorists. Many hours were dedicated in 2019 to ensure safe roads in Area 3 and will remain a focus for 2020.
Due to legislated requirements, each year officers from all areas spend a large amount of time at the local hospital. In 2019 the Peterborough Regional Health Centre was the location with the highest number of calls for service in Area 3. Police will continue to liaise with hospital officials to ensure efficiencies while complying with mandated legislation.
In 2019 Area 3 officers continued a number of previous projects including liaising with group homes to positively impact the youth living in the homes and continuing the Good Neighbour Program, a collaboration between Fleming College and police to foster positive relationships between students and permanent residents.


Team Four

  • Team Four encompasses the south and east end of the City and includes Lansdowne Place Mall, The Memorial Centre, Crary Park, East City, the Liftlocks and most of the shoreline that falls within the City limits.
  • Events held around Little Lake or in Del Crary Park are central to the City’s vibrant cultural and artistic presence.  Team Four collaborates with event organizers to ensure events are planned and provided with safety in mind.
  • Team Four includes several of the busiest intersections in the City.  Traffic enforcement around these intersections serves to remind motorists of safe vehicle operation and intends to reduce collisions.

2019 Overview: 

Area 4, the south and east end of the City, is a unique area containing large residential areas, commercial areas and multiple businesses including Lansdowne Place Mall.
There were two team meetings held during 2019 where Area 4 members discussed current issues unique to the area with a goal of maintaining a unified focus where members would work collectively to best serve the community.
Concerns that were identified throughout the year included the following: panhandling at a Hunter Street East pharmacy, which was addressed through communication between police and pharmacy staff and issuing Provincial Offence Notices; increase in the number of street racers during the nighttime hours at James Stevenson Park, which was combatted by officers conducting more patrols during these hours and speaking with residents; and thefts during early morning hours from the front porches of homes on Robinson Street, which was addressed again by increasing patrols and speaking with residents.
Another concern was vulnerable persons tenting in various locations throughout Area 4 including the area of James Stevenson Park and Turtle Island. Area 4 members worked with and supported The City of Peterborough in their homeless strategy and took direction from the City regarding any enforcement.


Team Five

  • Team Five provides service to the residents of the Village of Lakefield.  Four officers are assigned and work collaboratively with residents and business owners there.
  • Officers in Lakefield have the benefit of a satellite office from which to work.  The Lakefield Station is located at 12 Queen Street.  It is open for walk-in business during specified hours.  Please call for information.
  • Service is augmented by other units such as traffic, community services and investigative services.  Officers provide school programs in Village schools, conduct RIDE and traffic details in the village and provide forensic and investigative services as required.
  • Team Five works in partnership with Lakefield Campground, Lakefield-Smith Community Centre, area schools, the Lakefield Agricultural Society and other local groups to provide support for events and ensure everyone’s enjoyment of amenities of the Village.

2019 Overview: 

T he Village of Lakefield, known as Area 5, is a healthy and vibrant community with a mix of residential, small businesses and schools.
The Service has been policing the Village since 1999 first as an amalgamated police service until 2015 and since then as a contracted service.
Community policing remains at the very heart of policing in the Village. In 2019 the Area 5 officers continued to work with the community to maintain positive relationships while educating citizens to help reduce crime and calls for service, including encouraging citizens to use the Service’s non-emergency crime reporting page located on the Service’s website www.peterboroughpolice.com
In 2019 there were a total of 464 calls for service in Area 5, a decrease of 8% from 2018. Reported criminal offences were down 5.9% from 2019.
The highest number of calls for service were community services calls. The second highest category of calls were traffic calls related to the issue of the no left turns at Water and Bridge Streets. In 2018 improved signage was added to the area to help educate the public. As a result of officers conducting traffic details in the area of the bridge, it was determined that most of the speeding concerns were found to be perception issues.
Through dedicated foot patrols, efforts will continue to be made to visit all Village businesses to connect with owners and staff and collect up-to-date information for keyholders and businesses. The Service’s website also allows for businesses to register and update keyholder information.


Team Six

  • Team Six provides service to the residents of the Township of Cavan Monaghan.
  • Six Uniform officers are assigned to the township and work collaboratively with the residents and business owners in the community.
  • Officers have the benefit of two satellite offices to work from. The Township office, located at 988 Kawartha Lakes County Road 10 in Millbrook and the Peterborough Airport, located at 925 Airport Road in Peterborough.
  • Uniform service is complimented by all other facets of the Peterborough Police Service and works in partnership with a number of local groups to provide support and ensure enjoyment of amenities throughout the township.

2019 Overview: 

In 2019 there were 951 calls for service in the Township of Cavan Monaghan, known as Area 6.
Out of the 951 calls 107 of those call were regarding criminal offences. As noted in previous Annual Reports, traffic enforcement continues to be a primary concern within this rural area. In 2019 officers continued to set team objectives and create traffic enforcement details within the Township. The team traffic enforcement approach educates drivers, places value on citizens’ concerns and complaints and further deters future motor vehicle collisions.
Team enforcement results have been recorded for 2019 and a total of 2,384 provincial offence notices were issued.
In 2019 there were issues regarding drones being flown near the Peterborough Municipal Airport with a total of five incidents between May 27, 2020 and August 9, 2020. With the advent of more drones being used by the general population the Service will continue to educate the community regarding the fact that it is illegal to fly a drone within five kilometres of any airport. In any instances where drones are reported by an airport police must investigate and forward the information to NAV Canada.
In 2019 the Cavan Monaghan Volunteer Policing Committee assisted in an number of community events in the Township including the Lions Car Rally, the Community Centre Grand Opening, Remembrance Day, the Santa Claus Parade and the Christmas Village Evening.