Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit provides general and specific support in traffic policy direction for this Service.  This is accomplished through ongoing activities including:

  • Analysis of the traffic activity in the City of Peterborough, Village of Lakefield and the Township of Cavan Monaghan;
  • Consultation with members of the community and related agencies;
  • Education and training for all members involved in traffic management.
  •  Identifying goals, objectives and strategies for the Traffic Unit.
  • Accident Reconstruction: The Traffic Unit provides an expert level of investigation into a wide range of major traffic incidents and is a technical/information source for all areas of the Service.
  • Breath Analysis Technicians provide technical expertise and information in all areas related to impaired driving.
  • Selective Traffic Enforcement
Close-up of Traffic Officer on motorcycle.


The Traffic Unit corresponds with Driver Review and Control and the Ministry of Transportation to request they review drivers licences of those believed to be incompetent to drive.

The ultimate goal of traffic law enforcement is to achieve voluntary compliance by all persons using the highways, so as to reduce collision rates. Enforcement is not based on quotas, but is based on identified needs and resulting from information including:

  • High collision locations
  • Public complaints and requests
  • An officer’s assessment of need

2018 Overview: 

In 2018 the Traffic Services Unit continued its monthly enforcement and education campaigns which covered a variety of issues including distracted driving, accessible parking permits, traffic lights, school bus and crossing guard enforcement along with distracted and impaired driving.

2018 included proactive media messaging using various officers in the Unit to communicate to the public on multiple social media platforms. This proved to be very successful, promoting positive community feedback. Our media partners were also invited to attend on various enforcement dates, which was very well received by the community.

In particular, the March campaign gained a lot of media and community attention throughout the province, specifically the charge of making a right turn on a left only green arrow.
The Safe Under 7 campaign was by far the largest and most successful enforcement project for the Unit in 2018. The campaign received high praise from the community, acceptance by the officers, and national attention. The concept was simple and addressed the greatest concern raised via complaints to the Unit which was speeding on residential streets. The program was a direct response to the number of community complaints received by the Unit. In an effort to address the issue more aggressively, the idea to take a zero tolerance approach was considered and a number of stakeholders were identified as requiring consultation before implementation.

In addition, in 2018 members of the Unit were an integral part of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Operation Impact campaign and also the Festive RIDE campaign in an attempt to keep our citizens and roads safe.